Sunday, 22 January 2012

Farbenmix Roxy #2 and TDK undies

Monkey begged and begged for a new dress this winter even though she has a wardrobe full of nice warm clothes already. I had to agree that something brand new is much more exciting than your sister's two year old hand-me-downs so I agreed to make her one - no, just one! - dress and she agreed to stop pestering me.

I used the Farbenmix Roxy pattern again but lengthened it two inches this time after seeing how short Princess' version was. Monkey chose the fabric, the embroidery and the trims and I duly went to work. What do you think of my five year old's design choices?

Farbenmix Roxy

She was very specific, right down to which colour embroidery threads I had to use.

Roxy unicorn embroidery

A slightly grubby and wrinkled modelled shot which was the best I could manage, the girl does not sit still lately!

Unicorn Roxy modelled

There has been one other spot of sewing recently, the girls all need new undies and rather than buying them and having to put up with the elastic coming off and little butt cheeks hanging out I've decided to make them this time round. Monkey's are finished, I used the TDK undies pattern and leftover fabrics from the Christmas jammies. More details on the pattern in another post when I finish off the last two batches...

TDK undies


  1. Gorgeous ROXY and awesome undies!

  2. Love your blog name. I sew Farbenmix too; they have great patterns!