Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hello blogland and a work in progress..

Hello out there :) I wanted somewhere I could post about my sewing projects in a bit more detail so here we are, I have joined the craft blog bandwagon! This is my current work in progress (WIP). I have a good friend who recently bought a caravan. An old, well used caravan. She didn't really take to the idea of sleeping on someone else's sweat and dirt stained cushions but not to worry! I have a handy dandy sewing machine and agreed to recover them for her.

This is one of the original cushions, note the lovely dated fabric. We've chosen a dark red checked fabric to recover them with, four are done with around ten to go. It is Boring :)


  1. hello C! nice to see you've branched into blogging - I'll follow you if you follow - i'm sajona on here :)

  2. Thanks Caroline, have done :)

  3. waht is a caravan? Like an RV ( for camping) maybe?