Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Three new tops

Yet more sewing for Princess! You can really tell that she's had a growth spurt can't you? I sewed up three long sleeve tops for her today and I think I'm finished sewing for her for a few days at least, Toddler's tops are getting to be skin tight so I think it's time to re-measure her.

These are all new patterns for me, I've had the magazines since they were published and all three have been on my ToSew list but I just never quite got around to them until today. I can't quite believe these will fit her, they're a size 128cm and they just look far too big for my six year old but hey, that's what she measures so we shall see.

First up is #28 from Spring 2009. The fabric is a horrible, slippery, thin knit which I could only sew without pulling my hair out thanks to spray starch. I think the pockets are a little low, I forgot to trace the marking for them so I eyeballed it. I will definitely sew this one again but in something less yucky to work with!

Ottobre 01/09 #28

While I personally like the velvet iron-ons I have a feeling Princess will not approve. The bodice needed something though and the fabric was just too thin to try applique or embroidery. Don't they just look like they've been Photo-shopped on there? They haven't, honest!

Ottobre 01/09 #28

This second one is from the same issue, it is the Orvokki tunic #18. Layered sleeves and shirring on the front and back panels add some interesting detail, the fabrics are cotton lycra I bought from The Fabric Fairy quite a while ago. The neckline and short sleeve edges are bound with fold over elastic, the long sleeves have a regular hem.

Ottobre 01/09 #18

The third is my favourite and I think it will be Princess' favourite too. She has been asking me to make her something from the horse camouflage fabric for a very long time so this one should get a big thumbs up! The pattern is from Autumn 2009, #21. It was the quickest of the three to sew (making it my favourite for two reasons lol!) and I will definitely use it again.

Ottobre 04/09 #21

I used green FOE at the neck and sleeve hems and green top stitching for the hem and yoke seam.

Ottobre 04/09 #21

Ottobre Summer 2011 #26, Rosy Posy Dress

This, I think, is the last dress Princess will be getting for quite a while. Surely it's someone else's turn?

Another new pattern for me, this one is #26 from the summer 2011 issue of Ottobre. I have lengthened the skirt on this particular dress by eight inches as Princess has enough shorter dresses to wear already. This now hits her lower calf instead of above the knee! The fabric is a lovely pink rose print from my stash and the velvet ribbon and ricrac were also laying around waiting to be used, it's nice not to have to run out to the shop for something midway through a project.

Ottobre 03/11 #26 front

The ricrac is used as a trim around the neckline seam. This is the first time I've inserted it into a seam instead of sewing it straight on as a trim and I need more practice! As you can see it's a little wonky in places. The top of the invisible zipper is also a bit wonky, I had an Oops moment when I was cutting the corners off and while I've fudged it so the zip works and the hole is hidden it doesn't look great. Fortunately Princess' hair will hide it :)

Ottobre 03/11 #26 neck

The pattern says to make the ribbon at the bodice seam into a belt by attaching snaps to the ends so it can close and threading it through loops at the side seams. I have instead stitched it on and left the end long to tie in a bow, the girl really does have a thing for bows!

Ottobre 03/11 #26 back

I think I'll come back to this pattern for the other girls too, it's a nice fit and I like the little puff sleeves. I need to work on my ricrac skills though :)

Elodie again

Yes, yet more Elodie dresses :) Princess picked out the fabrics and ribbons from my stash with the added request that they have bows and buttons so of course, I have obliged. The fabrics are both linen/rayon blends from a few years back and are very, very soft and lightweight. Perfect for summer!

Farbenmix Elodie Green bodice Green spread out

Farbenmix Elodie Pink bodice

One pattern, three looks

A recent competition on Sewing Mamas challenged the participants to use one pattern and come up with three different looks by making major changes to the design. I turned to one of my old favourites, Ottobre 03/2007 #16. After checking that making different sizes would be OK I set out to make one item for each girl.

Monkey was up first, she now has a lovely new summer dress made from Heather Ross' Mendocino fabrics. This one is made following the pattern as written with no changes, a square overskirt hangs down over an A-line underskirt and it is incredibly twirly.

look 1 twirling

These are two of my favourite fabrics, I don't know if I'll ever let her wear it outside, or while eating!

look 1 fabric

Toddler was up next. I left the bodice piece as it was and changed the skirt to a bubble. There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to make a bubble skirt so I won't bore you with the details! Here it is on Toddler, I'm glad I used a very lightweight cotton as there is a *lot* of fabric in that skirt.

Look 2 front Look 2 back

Princess had already put in her fabric requests for new dresses so she got a top instead. This was the most difficult modification simply because I had to scale the pattern up two sizes for her. It's amazing how much they grow when you're not looking, she has shot up two inches over the last few months! Adding the two gathered tiers was very easy thanks to my ruffler foot which I am slowly getting to grips with. Mendocino fabrics again, Princess chose them from the pile.

Look 3

There's a little seahorse charm inserted into the bodice seam, I bought it at Hobbycraft and it's just perfect with these prints.

Seahorse charm

Summer shorts

My new issue of Ottobre arrived just as the weekend started, Summer 2011. There are a few patterns I really like and will get a lot of use from but more that I won't use at all. I'm never completely thrilled with the summer issues, this one does have a few patterns that I may come back to as my nephews get older and one fab looking pair of cargo shorts for Boy but my favourite is the girly Bermuda shorts, pattern #29. I think it is called Beach Boulevard, something like that. I made a pair for Princess, to match her new top.

Ottobre 03/11 #29 Ottobre 03/11 #29

The front has a fake fly, patch pockets with piping along the opening and panel seams with piping on the legs. The back has gathered pockets with more piping and leg panels, there's a lot of scope to make this pattern repeatedly and get different looks each time.

Here they are side by side with the top, she is going to look very cute in this set :)

Ottobre 03/11 #29

Mendocino mini quilt

A sweet little quilt for the window sill in my stairwell, made from some of my favourite fabrics.

Mini quilt

The fabric line is "Mendocino" designed by Heather Ross for Free Spirit. I think the mermaids and the seahorses are my favourites.

end middle end

The candle holder boat was the inspiration for choosing the fabrics, the boat was a gift from my mother last summer so it has waited a long time to be launched upon the sea!

In its new home