Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So what's next?

You might have noticed that I've been busy lately :) Here's a glimpse of my incredibly untidy sewing space when I have several things on the go.

Lots of projects ready to go

Ran out of room!

The ironing board doubles as a dumping ground for cut out projects and the big pile of boxes behind it hold the fabrics I have fairly immediate plans for, the rest are in the boxes under the desk, by the window and in a wardrobe I sneakily took over when Hubby wasn't paying attention. If I can ever get the boxes in the sewing room sorted out I'll be able to use my whole desk and get all four machines going, it's annoying having to move one out of the way to get another out.

All of my current projects are done, I have a long list of things I should be sewing for the kids while ignoring the fact that I'm rotating the only two summer tops I have that fit me but I think what I'm actually going to work on next are a couple of quilts I've been wanting to make for a while involving these...

Soiree honey bun

Animal party

Animal party

Animal party FQ's

I will keep you posted :)

One more little peasant girl

Almost forgot! This one is for a gift, same patterns as before.

Peasant set 4

French Day

The kids have been learning about France at school this term and there was a celebration on Bastille Day (which they cleverly renamed French Day ;P) where they were asked to wear something red, white or blue. I have yards and yards of stripey fabric which dyes into colour/white stripes so I chucked some in the machine with red Dylon and whipped them up something to wear, the French flag appliques were put together from scraps. Boy's tshirt is #35 from Ottobre Summer 2010 and the girls dresses started out as #15 from Summer 2007. I modified it a little, extended the bodice lines down to hip level then attached a narrow band and gathered a short skirt to fit. I like the dresses, I might make the mod again next year for playdresses.

French day! French day modelled

Baby boy bliss

So many of my friends and family are expecting babies this year and almost all of them are having little boys. I've never had a chance to sew for a baby boy of my own, Boy was around eighteen months old when I started sewing so I missed out on making tiny little outfits for him. Therefore I may have gone slightly overboard to compensate :)

This first one is absolutely tiny, a size 50cm which looks so ridiculously small it can't possibly fit a baby! Both patterns are from Ottobre Summer 2010, #1 HauHau vest and #2 Jodhpur pants. I'm hoping the extra width through the hips of the trousers will make them a good fit over a cloth nappy.

Boy set 1

These next three are all 56cm, the wrap tops are #6 from Ottobre Winter 2007 which was one of my favourite baby patterns for my girls, it's a really nice close fit and easy to make. Unless your binding gives you fits! The lizard and animal trousers are #5 from Summer 2003 and the stripey knit trousers are #5 from Spring 2003. It's nice to revisit the older issues now and then, there are some great patterns in them.

Boy set 2 Boy set 3 Boy set 4

The lizard embroidery came from Emblibrary. I hope the recipients like them :)

Little peasants are off to market...

I got my greedy little hands on a few yards of various prints from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market line a while ago and have just this very minute (well OK, about half an hour ago) put the finishing touches to three very delicious sets for my girls.

The tops are also from Sandi Henderson, the Portabello Pixie Claire pattern (remember the owl dresses?) in the peasant top view this time. The trousers are #23 from Ottobre Summer 2006 apart from Baby's which I showed earlier.

Peasant set 3
Princess chose the cherries, the spring stripe and the pink henna garden fabrics for herself.

Peasant set 2
Monkey chose the apples and the two remaining Henna Garden prints

Baby's also uses the apples and as she's the only one home just now she's the only one available to model!

peasant 1 Front view Peasant set 1 modelled

I absolutely love the Henna Garden in this colour, I would have a whole bolt if I could.
*love* this fabric

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sick of Baby sewing yet?

Here's a few more :)

Ottobre 01/2004 #12 again, definitely our GoTo summer trousers!

01/04 #12

01/04 #12

01/04 #12

01/04 #12

02/05 #1, I prefer the fit of this tshirt to the one I posted here. The appliques are both from JuJu Designs and use fabrics to match the trousers above.

02/05 #1

02/05 #1

03/08 #2, another one I've been meaning to try since the magazine came out. I quite like it, it fits well and looks cute but I don't like how thick the binding is at the back keyhole where it overlaps and snaps shut. The keyhole is definitely necessary, no way was this going over Baby's head without it! This is the missing T from the mix'n'match shorts/T's I posted already.

03/08 #2

Here's the back view with the keyhole opening.

03/08 #2 back

02/04 #11, I love this! I meant to make one for Princess, then meant to make one for Monkey....Baby got lucky lol, I can't think why I kept putting it off as it goes together so easily and is very cute. The fabric is from one of my favourite lines, On a Whim by Amy Schimler as are the reddish trousers above. The buttons have tiny flowers on them, a lucky find in my button box.

02/04 #11

Here are a few modelling shots, showing off the sailor style collar, side vents, pleats and general cuteness of the design :)

flower set front flower side flower set back

And a couple pics of the T's with their matching trousers, the apples trousers are still waiting on me sewing together a peasant top to go with them.

alien set front Alien set back alien set neck Dino set

Phew! that took more time than I thought it would and it's not everything lol! A few more things are done that I'll blog another time, they have missing pieces and I want to show everything together :)