Monday, 27 December 2010

Stacked Coins quilts

Yes, I did indeed get them finished in time for Christmas :) Using this tutorial and these instructions to make them the sizes I wanted, here are Toddler (blue) and Monkey's (pink) new bed quilts.

After binding

On the cot

On the bed

It was a bugger wrestling with the twin size while quilting, my shoulders were aching for two days afterwards. I tried out a few random spirals throughout the quilting too, just for a change. They need some work!

Wrestling match!

Some random spirals

Both quilts are backed with Killington flannel which is so very, very soft and snuggly. And they are both pieced with a strip of coins running across them.

Pieced back

Pieced back

I love these quilts, I have enough coins left to make them a cushion cover each and then their beds are going to look so cute they might even be persuaded to make them in the morning without complaining :)

Dresses for Princess

These dresses may look a little familiar, I tend to use these two patterns a lot. What can I say folks, if it's a cute, well-fitting pattern then it will get made again and again and again :) Pink is Ottobre Autumn 2006 #10 and the lilac is Ottobre Winter 2004 #12. Both of these are for Princess, she chose the fabric combinations and ribbons as well as the dye colours for the second one.



Ottobre 04/04 #12

Ottobre 04/04 #12

Isn't the Italy fabric cute? One of my favourite prints, it's nice to use it for something.

There's another sewalong in the works for the first dress, I think it would be easier to post it as a pdf rather than a blog post as it has a lot of pics. Any thoughts on that idea?

More trousers for Monkey

She chose the fabrics and appliques herself. Nothing to do with me, trying to be a good mother I just bit my tongue and got sewing. Yes, they are indeed as garish as they look but she's four, everything pink is good! Ottobre Winter 2010 again, the fabulous petite fit trousers #12. I'll be posting a sewalong for these as soon as I find time to add words to the pics I took as I was making them :)

Ottobre 06/10 #12

Ottobre 06/10 #12

Ottobre 06/10 #12

Ottobre 06/10 #12

Teacher gifts

We asked the kids' teachers what their favourite colours were then I made them each a snowflake ornament using the embroidery machine. Quick, simple and very appreciated :)

2010 teacher gifts

Xmas pj's

For the last three years I've made the kids matching pyjamas/nighties which they are allowed to unwrap and wear to bed on Christmas Eve. We were having a large family Christmas at my parents home this year so six pairs were required, one each for my kids and also for Niece E and Nephew O. I had five yards of a snowman print flannel left which came up the tiniest bit short for all of the trousers, Toddler had to have the backs of her trousers made from plain flannel with a couple of appliques stitched on. time ran out when making the tops so I settled for making two of them and embroidering some RTW for the others. The embroideries are simple text put together using my machine's built-in alphabets, they say "let it snow let it snow let it snow" which is so very appropriate for us this year!

Xmas pj's - trousers

Xmas pj's - tops