Monday, 31 January 2011

Two little tops

More sewing for myself, a comfy velour long sleeve T from the Ottobre CW303 pack and a rather funky black embroidered top from Ottobre woman 5/2007, pattern #12. The Vampiress is on the back and the bat is the front, both embroideries from Urban Threads.

Ottobre 05/07 #12 bat (front)

Ottobre 05/07 #12 vampire (back)

Ottobre CW 303, purple velour

I've enjoyed sewing for the January challenge, it's nice to make some things that I will actually like wearing. Amazing the difference a small alteration can make to the fit of a garment. I have to make a high round back adjustment to my tops, it only adds in 1/4" but what a huge difference it makes in the fit. The shoulder seams sit on my actual shoulders and I'm not constantly pulling my top forwards at the neck to make it more comfortable. I have to sew for myself more often, the results really are worth the time it takes.

Feeling the yoga love....

OK, not so much actual yoga, more those lovely lovely pieces of clothing known as yoga pants. Or trousers if you speak proper English ;P Enter my new favourite pattern for myself, Ottobre Woman 2/2008 #5. Very, very quick to sew up and incredibly comfortable to wear. Thanks to the ribbing waistband I did at first feel that I was wearing maternity trousers but I soon got over it! Ribbing and velour came from my stash and the embroidery designs are from Urban Threads and Emblibrary.

Ottobre 02/08 #5 Brown velour Ottobre 02/08 #5 Green Velour

There is a third pair from burgundy velour but they have gone missing, I think they're hiding in the laundry basket. I really, really like the fit of these and will have to try out more of Ottobre's trouser patterns.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

No pics for you today, just checking in and letting you know what I'm up to :) Sewing Mamas is having a 2011 Monthly Challenge which I am participating in. January's challenge is

monthly challenge:
holiday regroup - sew for yourself - clothes, a new purse or bag, a Nook cover, whatever, as long as it's for you"

So I have been busy working away on items for myself which has been long overdue, I know. Sewing for me has been on my ToDo list repeatedly since August but always got put aside in favour of something else and then pushed back for another month...and another month...and another month. Unfortunately I had only two pairs of trousers that fit me after the December excesses (eek!! Back to Slimming World I think!) and my wardrobe has had a dearth of long sleeve tops for months now. Fortunately the Challenge has come along and motivated me :)

I will post pics towards the end of the month when everything is done, right now I have to go find some decent cut away stabiliser for my Vampire top :D