Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A stash game catch up!

One of the sewing sites I visit, Sewing Mamas has a twice yearly Stash Game. It's a competition where the idea is to use up as much of your stash as possible with points being awarded according to the rules (which can get pretty confusing!). I've played along a few times, I have even managed to win a prize once :) Unfortunately, despite the kids being off at grandma's for a week this month, I haven't been able to get a lot of sewing done so I think I may be out of the running this year! Here are the last few things I've managed to finish over the past week or so.

I tried a new pattern from Ottobre Woman's Autumn/Winter 2008 issue. Design #8, a basic long sleeve raglan top. Please ignore the hideously creased state it's in, I realised I hadn't photo'd it and pulled it out of the washing pile!


It's a very, very, very bright orange interlock. I have no intention of wearing this a lot, only until I get a chance to make a few more from slightly less neon fabrics! The colour really does nothing for me, great for a trial run though. The interlock needs to be slightly stretchier (or I need to lose a few pounds ;P) but on the hwole I like the way it fits. I need to lengthen the sleeves one inch next time and rememebr to stretch the FOE on the neckline a bit more. Here's a close-up of that, it's a quite pretty decorative elastic instead of my usual plain option.


Next up, again for me, two fleece hoodies. Would you be surprised to hear they're Ottobre patterns? No? Didn't think so :) This is design #42 from Autumn 2003 minus all the pockets. I had a few yards of microfleece left over from my WAHM days and they were perfect for these, especially as we're having such a cold snap just now. They're very, very soft and cosy and while this first one makes me feel vaguely like an ice cream I still like it! The pink is slightly stronger than in the photo, it looks very washed out here.


Princess thought it was just fabulous that I had fairies on my clothes :) This design is from an EMBlibrary design pack.


The second one is a sage green colour, I had *just* enough fabric.


The embroidery is again from an EMBlibrary pack and would have stitched out a lot better had I rememebred to use a new needle. There are a few loopy threads but it's not too noticeable when it's worn.


I used a few different stitches for the hems. The orange interlock is my usual three step zigzag but I wanted a different look on the fleeces. The pink/white top uses a closed overlock stitch which resembles a flatlock and the green fleece uses a honeycomb.


That was it for sewing for myself, the majority of my time was taken up with more caravan cushions! There are only two left now and I'll hopefully get them done this weekend while Hubby is off.

DSC00521 DSC00522 DSC00523


  1. Wonderful sewing for yourself! I really like the different hems and have never tried the honeycomb. I will now!

  2. Thanks Natalie. It's a nice hemming stitch, slow to do but keeps it stretchy and looks a little different.