Sunday, 27 March 2011

February catch up

I did sew last month, honest guv. Life got on top of me a little so I've been very behind with blogging which means, yet again, a big catch up post! Ready?

A shirt for Boy from Ottobre 02/2003. He's in the last size for this pattern and I wish I'd made it before now as it's a lovely fit on him. Not that you can tell from the pics, it looks all wonky and out of shape. I think it's been too long since he modelled, he has forgotten how to stand still *sigh*.

The front, I made no attempt to match the pattern along the centre or on the pocket as it always comes out looking off so I have officially given up. He is wearing it over a long sleeve Tshirt as it was a cold day.
Ottobre 02/03 #27

The back. I love the fabric, it's a quilting cotton I bought ages ago and the print is just perfect for my nine year old.
Ottobre 02/03 #27

The collar and shoulder. This is a raglan style and it has a small dart along the neckline seam on the arm to give it a little shape at the shoulder. Such a small detail makes such a big difference to the way the finished shirt looks.
Ottobre 02/03 #27

Next is a rare thing though becoming more common these days, it is a skirt for myself. Red/pink cross weave linen which you may recognise from my previous post. The pattern is Ottobre Woman 02/2007 #13 which swooshes very nicely when walking.
Ottobre Woman 02/07 #13

I didn't line the skirt, I almost never line my own skirts unless the fabric is sheer. instead I cut a strip 2.5" wide to use as a facing and stitched petersham ribbon into the seam allowance to prevent the waistband from stretching out.
Ottobre Woman 02/07 #13

Some vaguely boring stuff but I have promised to blog everything this year so you have to look at the pics I'm afraid. In order we have a shower mat to prevent DH using towels all the time and leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor, laundry bags which tie to the end of my bed and a heap of laundry/toy bags for my girls.

Shower mat Laundry bags Laundry/toy bags More laundry bags.

A pair of dungarees for Toddler which have turned out to be simply enormous on her. Ottobre 04/2003 #7 in a green cord from stash, I'll keep them for an upcoming swap.
front view

There are patch pockets and some elastic on the back, the elastic helps with the fit a lot. There is supposed to be another small pocket but I mislaid the piece between cutting and sewing.
Back view

I added a tiny piece of ribbon in the side seam as a tag.
Ribbon tag

There were also four cot sheets which I forgot to photograph. They were a gift for my Nephew O and you've really missed out on seeing them, plain white flannel sheets are a rare treat indeed. Never mind. Next post, March!!

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  1. Love the shirt! What size does your son wear? The fabric is really neat.