Saturday, 5 December 2009

A little more quilting

Bit of a catch up post this one, sorry for all the pics! The Boy's quilt top is almost done, here are the last three blocks:

Block 7

Block 8

Block 9

And here it is with the sashing and inner borders in place - it looks a bit bumpy here, I've since taken off and shortened two of the borders which has fixed it and left it laying much flatter.

J's top almost done!

I have four co-ordinating FQ's left which I'm going to put on as a piano key border, it is getting there!

There were quite a few scraps left over from this so I made a baby quilt which will be gifted to one of Hubby's work colleagues who has recently had a baby boy. It needs something else as a border, I haven't decided what. I didn't have a pattern for this one, I just pieced the leftovers together and made strips while trying to keep some degree of symmetry.

baby boy quilt

Another of Hubby's colleagues has had a baby girl in the last week (they're just popping them out over there lol!) so he asked me to make a quilt for her too. I have just the right thing to use, this FQ pack which I was given last Christmas.

baby girl quilt FQ pack

All lovely soft, glittery pastel colours just perfect for a baby quilt. I felt like a break from triangles so chose a simpler pattern from another of my secret santa books, the centre panel is a simple rail fence:

baby girl top centre piece

Then it has a plain solid inner border and the rest of the rail fence blocks make up the outer border along with four fussy cut fairies for the outer corners.

baby girl quilt top pieced

I'm not sure what to use for the backing and binding, I'm sure something will show up though, it's not like I'm short of fabric in this place lol!

And just a final few pics to show you how tough on my sewing space piecing all these quilts have been!

Hard at work on my increasingly messy desk
Messy table

Snip, snip, snip....I've been finding trimmed triangle points all over the house!
Messy floor

My ironing space, in front of the shoe cupboard which has been out of bounds for over a week.

Messy irnoning corner

Okay, that's it, all I've been up to for this time :)


  1. Those quilts are beautiful!! Lucky babies! I really like the photos of your work space too, it makes me want to get my sewing stuff out!

  2. Great quilts!! I love the bright boys ones!