Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ooga Booga!

With the arrival last year of the Baby and the Niece I decided to start making Christmas Eve pj's for all of the kids. I have always loved the Ooga Booga pattern so when a big box of co-op fabric arrived a few weeks ago with four different colourways inside I knew just what to do with it. The girls got to pick which colour they wanted and the Boy was pretty much stuck with the Camo but he didn't complain. I used Ottobre patterns for all of these, thanks to my obsession with keeping old tracings I had everything I needed already filed away so they were very quick to get done.

These were for the Baby and the Niece, the pattern for the tops are 03/04 #1 on the left and 01/08 #10 on the left. The trousers are both 01/03 #5 with a tiny alteration, I cut them two inches short and added a two inch cuff so they looked more like pj's - why is it they're just not pj trousers unless they have a cuff? It never bothers me with RTW but handmade must have a cuff or they look wrong lol! This is my favourite colourway, I had two yards from which I have squeezed the pj's and a Farbenmix Olivia dress with enough large scraps left for decent appliques.

DD3 and niece pj's

The Princess and the Monkey got more nighties from 06/09, they're not into pj's just now. Again I didn't bother flatlocking the seams, I don't really like the look.

DD1 and DD2 nighties

The Boy had the Rudolf pj pattern from 06/09, #37 in a 134cm. They looked absolutely enormous while cutting out, how on Earth did my Boy get to be so big without me noticing???

DS's pj's

Here they are all piled up ready to wrap, those little monsters are just so cute!

Christmas Eve pj's


  1. They're brilliant, really pretty and warm-looking!

  2. Really cute! You've been so productive.

  3. so sweet! I don't know how my boy got to 140 size either! They are the same school year.
    I am planning to make that 06/09 nighty too - i need a change from kwik sew for kids!

  4. He's almost 10 isn't he? I buy size 146 now for I., and sometimes she fits into my things already...
    Love the pjs! Very sweet.

  5. Thanks folks :) Caroline, it's a really nice pattern, looks loads better than KS! I think I'll be using it as my GoTo pattern for quite a while. And it will fit for ages, it's really long.

    Cybele, he's just turned 8 last month, my wee boy is getting big far too quickly! He's eye level with my chest just now which he's starting to get embarrassed about lol, I don't get hugs unless I'm sitting down!