Saturday, 27 November 2010

I just can't say no

Monkey and I were in Hobbycraft on Monday checking out the Airfix models for Boy's birthday next month. Naturally she wandered off down the wrong aisle and when I found her again she was clutching a ball of wool with both hands and started asking "Mammy, mammy, make me a scarf please!" My heart sank, while I can knit it's not something I particularly enjoy. My grandma taught me years ago and she was an arthritic old lady then so, not surprisingly, I myself knit like an arthritic old lady. Slowly. While that's actually a good thing considering I now have arthritis in both hands it's not the point! I Do Not Like Knitting. Monkey smiled, I melted and we came home with this.

Oh yes, conned again!

I got to it, after hours (I kid you not, HOURS) of painstakingly knitting away I realised I'd better try to go faster as Monkey really needed a scarf.

Brr, must knit faster!

It snowed! I managed to get it finished this morning in time to go sledding, it looks pretty much the same but longer and without the knitting needle stuck through it :D The colours are lovely, I like them very much.

Pretty colours

Princess has been eyeing it up so I need to practise.

No. No. No. No.

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