Saturday, 27 November 2010

New favourite trousers!

I love the pattern designers at Ottobre. Whoever came up with #12 from the Winter 2010 issue is my new best friend, this is a trouser pattern for skinny kids and it fits Monkey perfectly. They stay up all on their own with no belt or elastic! A first for us from any pattern company, I made this test pair in a straight 104cm with no alterations and they're just fab, she'll be picking through the stash tomorrow for fabric for another four as she desperately needs long trousers.

Front view, I left off the belt loops as it was a test and she doesn't use them anyway. They're pulled right up here, they do fall down a little when she's been moving around but not enough that she gets builder's bum as happens with shop bought! They come down perhaps half an inch.

06/10 #12 Front

Back view, it is so odd to see her wearing trousers that actually fit around the bottom instead of bagging out everywhere.

06/10 #12 Back

I did make one small change at the front fly, Monkey isn't great with buttons (and I didn't have any zips handy) so the fly closes with five snaps instead. Easy for her, easy for me :)

Snap fly

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