Monday, 11 July 2011

Ottobre Woman 02/07 #16 Capri Trousers

Well, I tackled the zipper. It took a little fiddling and I stuck pins in my fingers more than once but it's in, it works and it's pink so it's good :)

Ottobre Woman 02/07 #16

There they are, officially my first pair of "proper" trousers for myself. The pink striped linen is years old, I'm pretty sure I used it to make a pair of maternity trousers when I was pregnant with Princess and she's seven next month. It's a nice summery fabric, the colours match with the tops I've already sewn pretty well and it's cool for hot days. I found the buttons in my stash, I think Princess persuaded me to pick them up a while ago hoping for a pinafore dress but they have found a new purpose.

Ottobre Woman 02/07 #16

The zipper is also from stash, it was several inches to long but they're easy to shorten and the colour matched nicely. I even remembered to turn up the hem on the inner waistband before topstitching it down so the inside has a neater finish than my norm.

Ottobre Woman 02/07 #16

On the whole, I am pleased with these. They're a bit tight round the bum but a few more weeks of aerobics will take care of that! The pockets are great, nice and roomy with a smallish opening so things stay in them properly. I was worried about how wide the legs looked in the magazine but they're actually OK on me, I don't feel like a stiff breeze will carry me away. I think I may well make another pair.

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  1. These look perfect! I've liked this pattern since I got it, but haven't made it yet.