Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summer sleepwear

All of the kids needed summer sleepwear this year, nothing from last year fit or was in a state to be handed down so after a quick stash dive I found around five yards of melon/orange interlock which I swear I didn't buy, maybe my stash is breeding?? It's not a colour any of us usually wear but for a quick batch of pj's it was just perfect.

Boy first and a chance to try out two new patterns that have been on my list for a while. The tank tops are from Ottobre summer 2005, #35 and the boxers are Jalie 2327. I made a slight change to the Jalie pattern and cut the front crotch piece on the fold instead of putting a seam down the middle of the crotch which sounded very uncomfortable. That gave me a little excess fabric on the centre front which I gathered to fit the back crotch piece, I could have sewn a dart in but again it sounded uncomfortable. The gathering has worked well and Boy reports they are a good fit and he would like some more please. The tank tops are a good fit too, it's not a style he usually wears but he is liking them for pj's and with how hot he gets at night I think I will make this my GoTo pj top pattern for him. The velvet iron-ons are from stash too, he picked them out.

DS summer pj's
DS summer pj's set 1

Princess and monkey both have a modified version of my old favourite, Ottobre Summer 2007 #15. I changed the pattern to be A-line instead of having a separate gathered skirt and the edges are bound with green FOE. The girls picked out their iron-ons and the modelled versions have their initials embroidered on the chest.
Summer nighties set 1
Summer nighties set 2
Summer nighties set 3

Toddler has three new sets too, her shorts are Ottobre Summer 2007 #10 and the t-shirt is Summer 2010 #14. The shorts are an old favourite of mine, very quick and easy to make. This is my first time trying the t-shirt pattern and I like the fit which is a little slimmer than most of the others I've tried. It's also one of the few t-shirt patterns that uses a band on the neck and sleeve edges rather than binding which I think makes construction faster and easier. Two orange pairs and another one squeezed out from the grey flower print.
DD3 pj set 3
DD3 pj set 2
DD3 pj set 1

All done for another year :)

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