Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ottobre 04/06 #22, yet another fail!

That's it, I've had it. Princess is going to Asda tomorrow for their cheap, poorly made jeans that FIT HER instead of me making yet another pair that don't :( This is the third attempt and while the fit is much better than the low rise Sarita jeans it still needs a little tweak in the waist and length but that doesn't matter because the little stinker is refusing to wear them!! She chose the pattern, the fabric (PRR cord) and the red dye and after seeing them altogether has decided she can't stand them.

Ottobre 04/06 #22


It's a nice pattern, the bottom hem section is flared and there are two patch pockets with tucks and flaps on the front and back - I even added a piece of her favourite ribbon into the side seam. Sob!

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  1. Well, they look amazing! Sorry that it is still not working for you. I admire that you are blogging about your failures. It is giving me courage to try making pants for my girls!