Sunday, 16 May 2010

A sweet little skirt

Isn't it just?

Otto 04/06 #23

My little Monkey came to the fabric shop with me a few weeks ago and disappeared up one of the aisles. She staggered back a few minutes later carrying a huge bolt of hideously pink fabric covered in holographic dots with a huge grin on her face, it was love at first sight. How was I supposed to refuse?? I hate the fabric, it feels horrible and was a complete pain to sew (nylon/poly velour kind of stuff, yuck!) but she absolutely loves her new skirt and I have to admit, it did come out at the end looking very sweet :)

The pattern is from Ottobre 04/2006, #23 and the ribbon came from stash. The pattern was easy enough but the gathering wasn't much fun! The Princess has requested one too, we have to go pick out a colour for her.


  1. Very cute! Lovely story too.

  2. I think it turned out pretty cute!! I had the same problem with my grandaughter. Took her to the fabric center and she fell in LOVE with hot pink with 1' bright white polka dots!! Yipes!! She LOVED it... How could I say no.... So now it is a little dress which he mom and I are waiting for her to grow out of!!

  3. Thank you :)

    LOL Marky! As long as it's pink it's irresistible to little girls the world over :)