Monday, 7 June 2010


Get ready for a whole host of pj's! All for my Niece, Ottobre 06/2009 #34 and #35 with regular raglan seams instead of flatlocked. The fabrics are all from stash again and yes, girls can have planes and trains and robots too :)

Otto 06/09 #34 #35 Otto 06/09 #34 #35 Otto 06/09 #34 #35 Otto 06/09 #34 #35 Otto 06/09 #34 #35 Otto 06/09 #34 #35

That last one is just perfect for a little girl living in London :) I think that's it for my Niece for now, my sister came by last night and picked everything up. Here they are all piled up, I hope it all fits her.


Back to sewing for my lot now and maybe I'll find time to sneak in a few things for myself, ssh! Don't tell them!


  1. Those are some cute knit prints!

  2. You make me wish I liked assembly line sewing. I love, love, love all these wonderful pajamas!

  3. Thanks ladies :) Ruth, I don't much like it myself lol! The best thing though is as the Niece grows out of these my Baby will be growing into them so I'll get them back and not have to make more for her :D I wish there was someone to get hand me downs from for the Boy and Princess though!