Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer sewing for Baby

A little wardrobe building for Baby, she is so much smaller than her sisters that none of their old summer clothes fit her yet so I have to make her new ones instead. Such a hardship lol!

As always, the pattern are from Ottobre Design magazine. First up, Baby needed new vests (onesies for any US readers!). I tried out the HauHau pattern, #1 from Summer 2010. I've been using a pattern from an older magazine and shortening the sleeves so it was really good to finally, after ten years of the magazine, get a short sleeved vest pattern as I make a lot of these :) The fabrics were all from stash, you may recognise those cute little Ooga Booga's from the kids Xmas pj's :)

And there's more... Yet more baby vests!

For those of you who have tried Otto baby vests and panicked over the size of the neckline, worry not! See how small they look above? They're really not, here is DD3 wearing one and as you can see she's not choking :)


I did one version with the puff sleeves, the sleeve edge is gathered to the binding and it looks like this:

Puffy sleeve

Cute, but not cute enough to make me want to gather another fourteen sleeves so the rest were made with the regular pattern piece. Next up were a small mix'n'match selection of shorts and T's from 03/2007. The shorts, #10, have a ribbing waistband but as my ribbing was so lightweight I also added 1" elastic inside it to stop the waistband stretching out. Three pairs, two ribbing and one jersey, all finished with a pink and white woolly nylon rolled hem.

Summer shorts

I stitched across the waistband in three places to stop the elastic from rolling and twisting inside it, once at the centre back seam and then both sides roughly where the side seams would be.


The tshirts were 03/07 #4, I left off the two extra flounces on the sleeves as I wanted something quick and easy. There's a third one which is currently in the washing, I will blog it another time! The lettuce edges are the same as the shorts, pink and white woolly nylon.

Summer T's

Baby needed a couple pairs of pj's too, to bulk out the hand me downs she gets from my Niece. There was more than enough fabric leftover from Niece's pj's to make another two pairs, the tops are 01/06 #2 made without the side panels and the trousers are the leggings from 01/07 with a cuff added on to give extra length.


I finally managed to get a photo of the purple dress I made for Princess a while back, she loves it :) 03/07 #16 with no modifications.

Purple dress Back view

And twirling!

And more spinning

Right, time to get off the computer and back to work, these clothes won't make themselves :)


  1. Love it all! Looks great.

  2. You've been busy! Everything looks fantastic!

  3. Lovely! I always admire mothers who make pyjamas - I'm strictly a 'if you can't wear it out, then I'll let Sainsbury's provide' kind of mummy!

  4. fantastic work! you have been a busy girl.

  5. I should be sewing and not browsing your beautiful work! LOL BUt I had to tell you that I bought 3/07 because of your sns! Love the designs