Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Baby boy bliss

So many of my friends and family are expecting babies this year and almost all of them are having little boys. I've never had a chance to sew for a baby boy of my own, Boy was around eighteen months old when I started sewing so I missed out on making tiny little outfits for him. Therefore I may have gone slightly overboard to compensate :)

This first one is absolutely tiny, a size 50cm which looks so ridiculously small it can't possibly fit a baby! Both patterns are from Ottobre Summer 2010, #1 HauHau vest and #2 Jodhpur pants. I'm hoping the extra width through the hips of the trousers will make them a good fit over a cloth nappy.

Boy set 1

These next three are all 56cm, the wrap tops are #6 from Ottobre Winter 2007 which was one of my favourite baby patterns for my girls, it's a really nice close fit and easy to make. Unless your binding gives you fits! The lizard and animal trousers are #5 from Summer 2003 and the stripey knit trousers are #5 from Spring 2003. It's nice to revisit the older issues now and then, there are some great patterns in them.

Boy set 2 Boy set 3 Boy set 4

The lizard embroidery came from Emblibrary. I hope the recipients like them :)


  1. So adorable!
    That lizard embroidery is perfect with the fabric!

  2. what a great gift! the lizard set is awesome