Wednesday, 28 July 2010

French Day

The kids have been learning about France at school this term and there was a celebration on Bastille Day (which they cleverly renamed French Day ;P) where they were asked to wear something red, white or blue. I have yards and yards of stripey fabric which dyes into colour/white stripes so I chucked some in the machine with red Dylon and whipped them up something to wear, the French flag appliques were put together from scraps. Boy's tshirt is #35 from Ottobre Summer 2010 and the girls dresses started out as #15 from Summer 2007. I modified it a little, extended the bodice lines down to hip level then attached a narrow band and gathered a short skirt to fit. I like the dresses, I might make the mod again next year for playdresses.

French day! French day modelled

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