Monday, 27 December 2010

Dresses for Princess

These dresses may look a little familiar, I tend to use these two patterns a lot. What can I say folks, if it's a cute, well-fitting pattern then it will get made again and again and again :) Pink is Ottobre Autumn 2006 #10 and the lilac is Ottobre Winter 2004 #12. Both of these are for Princess, she chose the fabric combinations and ribbons as well as the dye colours for the second one.



Ottobre 04/04 #12

Ottobre 04/04 #12

Isn't the Italy fabric cute? One of my favourite prints, it's nice to use it for something.

There's another sewalong in the works for the first dress, I think it would be easier to post it as a pdf rather than a blog post as it has a lot of pics. Any thoughts on that idea?

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  1. I'd say do whatever is easiest for you. Personally, I kind of like sewalongs done as blog posts that are spread out over a week or 2. The dresses are adorable and the Italy fabric is meraviglioso!