Monday, 27 December 2010

Stacked Coins quilts

Yes, I did indeed get them finished in time for Christmas :) Using this tutorial and these instructions to make them the sizes I wanted, here are Toddler (blue) and Monkey's (pink) new bed quilts.

After binding

On the cot

On the bed

It was a bugger wrestling with the twin size while quilting, my shoulders were aching for two days afterwards. I tried out a few random spirals throughout the quilting too, just for a change. They need some work!

Wrestling match!

Some random spirals

Both quilts are backed with Killington flannel which is so very, very soft and snuggly. And they are both pieced with a strip of coins running across them.

Pieced back

Pieced back

I love these quilts, I have enough coins left to make them a cushion cover each and then their beds are going to look so cute they might even be persuaded to make them in the morning without complaining :)


  1. Your quilts are beautiful, and you did a great job on the quilting. Don't you just love this pattern? I made one this past year using the same tutorials.

  2. Thank you Ruth. I *love* crazymomquilts, one of my favourite blogs and I have a lot of her tuts on my ToDo list!

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the colors. I made my girls each a quilt. They love them.

  4. Gorgeous colors! Excellent work.

  5. Beautiful work!!! I love the quilting you did.