Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ottobre Summer 2011 #26, Rosy Posy Dress

This, I think, is the last dress Princess will be getting for quite a while. Surely it's someone else's turn?

Another new pattern for me, this one is #26 from the summer 2011 issue of Ottobre. I have lengthened the skirt on this particular dress by eight inches as Princess has enough shorter dresses to wear already. This now hits her lower calf instead of above the knee! The fabric is a lovely pink rose print from my stash and the velvet ribbon and ricrac were also laying around waiting to be used, it's nice not to have to run out to the shop for something midway through a project.

Ottobre 03/11 #26 front

The ricrac is used as a trim around the neckline seam. This is the first time I've inserted it into a seam instead of sewing it straight on as a trim and I need more practice! As you can see it's a little wonky in places. The top of the invisible zipper is also a bit wonky, I had an Oops moment when I was cutting the corners off and while I've fudged it so the zip works and the hole is hidden it doesn't look great. Fortunately Princess' hair will hide it :)

Ottobre 03/11 #26 neck

The pattern says to make the ribbon at the bodice seam into a belt by attaching snaps to the ends so it can close and threading it through loops at the side seams. I have instead stitched it on and left the end long to tie in a bow, the girl really does have a thing for bows!

Ottobre 03/11 #26 back

I think I'll come back to this pattern for the other girls too, it's a nice fit and I like the little puff sleeves. I need to work on my ricrac skills though :)


  1. That is beautiful! Princess is lucky.

  2. Just got my issue. I like your longer version much better. The shorter version reminds me of something a toddler would wear. Yours looks more appropriate for a young lady. :)