Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Summer shorts

My new issue of Ottobre arrived just as the weekend started, Summer 2011. There are a few patterns I really like and will get a lot of use from but more that I won't use at all. I'm never completely thrilled with the summer issues, this one does have a few patterns that I may come back to as my nephews get older and one fab looking pair of cargo shorts for Boy but my favourite is the girly Bermuda shorts, pattern #29. I think it is called Beach Boulevard, something like that. I made a pair for Princess, to match her new top.

Ottobre 03/11 #29 Ottobre 03/11 #29

The front has a fake fly, patch pockets with piping along the opening and panel seams with piping on the legs. The back has gathered pockets with more piping and leg panels, there's a lot of scope to make this pattern repeatedly and get different looks each time.

Here they are side by side with the top, she is going to look very cute in this set :)

Ottobre 03/11 #29

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