Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jalie 2918

Jalie are another pattern company that offer great value patterns with a huge range of sizes in each. This is my first time using 2918 for Hubby, it's a basic T-shirt pattern with neck and sleeve options. He went for a short sleeve crew neck which is what he wears 99% of the time and the blue interlock is from stash. Orange embroidery and topstitching brightened it up a little, the embroidery is from Urban Threads. I made one alteration before cutting out the fabric which was a usual alteration for Hubby to allow for his high round neck (we are the computer generation! I need the same adjustment). Other than that the T-shirt is made as it comes and it's a great fit on him, he really likes it. Or at least he does a good job of pretending :D

Jalie 2918 front

Jalie 2918 embroidery

Without the high round back adjustment the back neckline gapes away from Hubby's neck, the front neckline is pulled up and he is always tugging it forwards throughout the day and the shoulder seams sit too far back. With the adjustment it looks like this, it's well worth taking the extra five minuets when tracing.

Jalie 2918 shoulder adjustment

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