Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ottobre sewing for Toddler

Toddler got three new tops last month and I got to use three new patterns, two of which I have been meaning to sew for a while and noticing that Toddler was in the last size for them I thought I better hurry up. First shown is the Muksis envelope neck tunic #5 from Ottobre 01/09 with a velvet iron-on to fill in the very empty looking space above the pocket. The second is one of my favourite fabrics, I love the colours in it and have been hoarding it for ages trying to decide what to make. The Muru tunic #6 from Ottobre 01/09 was the pattern of choice and I just love it, I want to make a couple more before she completely outgrows it. The third and final top is a basic long sleeve tshirt, #6 from 01/10. The dragonfly is an iron on applique I bought ages ago, no idea where from.

01/09 #5 Muksis 01/09 #5 Muksis

01/09 #6 Muru

01/10 #6

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