Sunday, 29 May 2011

Star Wars and freezer paper

Not two things you would normally think of at the same time but if you add in fabric paint well, it all makes sense. I have wanted to have a go at freezer paper stencilling for a very long time and this week I did it! I had my go, I had a lot of fun and Hubby and Boy both have a new T-shirt as a result. A fanfare if you please...............

Star wars T's modelled

How cool are they?? I am so incredibly pleased with how they came out, the stencils are done with Dylon silver fabric paint and took three coats each to get a good even coverage over the black cotton lycra. They're very shiny :D

Jalie 2918 stencil

03/10 #25 Stencil

You can also see in those photos the glint of the metallic silver thread I used for topstitching and hemming. The hems are all sewn with a closed overlock stitch which took f...o...r...e...v...e...r to sew but looks really good when finished.

03/10 #25 hem

I haven't used metallic thread before and it was horrible at first, it kept shredding and breaking every few inches but after changing the needle from a stretch 11 to a topstitch 14 that all stopped and it behaved beautifully. I really, really like these T-shirts. Oh, pattern details! Hubby has Jalie 2918 again and Boy has Ottobre 03/10 #25 with an extra 2" added to the length. It's a nice slim fitting raglan T-shirt that I will use a lot for this summer.

03/10 #25 raglan T


  1. Wow, I need to look for some shiny silver fabric paint!

    Very cool stencils, and the hem is great, too.

  2. Those are awesome! Where did you get the tracing for the boy shirt. My son would absolutely LOVE it.

  3. Thanks ladies :) Sandra, I did a google search for darth vader and clipart and got some great images, here's a link to the search page: The Vader I used should be in the first few rows.

  4. Those are awesome! I've tried the freezer paint stenciling once but need to have another go. And Star Wars are BIG in this house. Well done!

  5. These are seriously awesome! We're big Star Wars geeks over here! I'll have to get that Jalie for my hubby. I don't think I have that one yet. I've made that Otto for my son and it's definitely a keeper!