Friday, 8 January 2010

Farbenmix Olivia and Ottobre Vilkas in Ooga

Ah, Olivia, how I have missed you! This really is the cutest little dress pattern which for some reason I haven't made for ages. So here we have one from the last of the pink/orange Ooga Booga colourway that I used for the Baby's Christmas Eve pj's. I happened to spot a pale yellow polka dot cotton lycra in the stash while searching for something else entirely and thought yay! that'll go nicely and do you know what? It does.

Here's the dress on it's own, I made the 86/92 to put away for the Baby. Yes, I know, sewing something that won't fit till next autumn is a bit obsessive but at least it's not too small. I made layered sleeves and decided at the last minute to add the hood, I *love* the hood but the knots bother my kids especially in their car seats. Simple solution, I shall leave it unknotted.


Someone on the Ottobre sewing group asked recently about the difference between Olivia and Ottobre's Hilda/Tilda pattern, the Olivia is much more....shapely....than Ottobre's hooded dress which is very straight cut. Olivia's hood is much prettier too and she twirls very nicely.

I dusted off my coverstitch for the hems, it decided to play nicely and the lovely bright yellow thread is very cheery in the middle of winter.

Coverstitch hems

There was plenty of the polka dot knit left to make a pair of matching trousers so I went back to Ottobre and made a pair of the Vilkas trousers, #2 from Autumn 2008. Very quick pattern, nice bootcut shape and not too high in the rise for my shortwaisted kids. I've left off the waist elastic as these aren't for just now, I'll put it in when they actually fit her. Here's the whole outfit.

Olivia and Vilkas


  1. oooh I love this...I'm going to hack the ottobre hilda to copy the flair now I have seen it laid outlike this.