Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Planning a Spring SWAP

Sewing With A Plan. Not something I've tried before but something I have wanted to try for a long time. I'll be using mostly Ottobre patterns and trying to follow the guidelines from the Ottobre English Yahoo group's last SWAP. So far I have managed to pick my fabrics! Lavender/purple colours for the Baby.

Here they all are together:
Spring swap 2010 fabrics

A closer view of the left side. The leftmost column is velour, the front one is more of a plum colour than in the photo. The second column has two jersey's at the back, two interlocks then two thin strips of minkee that I will use as trim somewhere.
close left

And the right side, the rightmost column is all corduroy and the second from right has corduroy at the back, a really lightweight stretch poplin, polka dot woven cotton then a purple microfleece.
close right

I will try to grab a few hours later this evening to go through my magazines and decide exactly what I want to make, it should be fun!

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