Monday, 18 January 2010

Ottobre vests and trousers

Can you take the excitement of yet more baby vests?? I certainly couldn't, these were almost too thrilling to sew ;P More Ottobre 05/06 long sleeve vests for my niece, 86cm this time as she's done that annoying baby thing where they suddenly sprout a few centimetres overnight....


Lonesome pink

The coverstitch binder makes this so fantastically easy - when it works that is! It had me ready to throw it out the window when it suddenly decided to behave after refusing to stitch properly for three hours!

And a pair of Ottobre trousers from the scraps, I made this more to check the fit and see if my sister likes the style, I don't really like it in these fabrics. She will look like an ice cream! The pattern is Ottobre 05/06 #3, again in 86cm.


  1. Oh I can totally relate to the comment about the CS binder. When I can get mine to work, it's bliss. A lot of the time it is just frustrating.

    Lovely vests!

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  3. Thanks :) I am so tempted to upgrade my CS for the Babylock machine as I have heard much better things about it. Just have to persuade DH which is going to be tricky!