Friday, 1 October 2010

And game over!

Here we are, October 1st already eh? That means the SewingMamas Stash Game is over again (well, until February anyway!). So, how did I do? I actually got quite a lot of my ToDo list finished which surprised me. I usually look at the list of things I need to do and then go and do something I want to do instead!

As well as the dress swap I was participating in I had to make some items for a toddler swap as well. I made two Hilda hooded tunics from Ottobre 06/2007 along with a fleece poncho from 03/2004 and another of the pinafore dresses from 03/2004. There is a hat made from the poncho scraps for Toddler but I haven't got a photo yet, I'll upload one later. Pics!

Ottobre 06/07 #27

Ottobre 06/07 #27

Ottobre 03/03 #22

Ottobre 03/04 #7

With all the swap items finished it was on to the ToDo list. First up, pyjamas for Monkey who has apparently grown 2" while I wasn't looking. She's now into the 110cm size, these are from 06/2009 and are a great fit on her. The trousers in particular are fab, the rise is just perfect and I don't have to shorten it.

Ottobre 06/09 #34 #35

Ottobre 06/09 #34 #35

My little sister is due with her first baby in a couple of weeks. She's expecting a little boy and wants to use cloth nappies. No problem, says I. I have a ton of nappy making supplies in my stash so I'll make them for you. Oh the joys of production line sewing! At least the end results are cute :)

The nappies

They're from the Poochies pattern, size small and the huge ugly Poochies label is sewn onto the back. I always felt that putting it on the front as they ask just spoils the look of the nappy. I was surprised at how many different baby boy prints I still had, there are 16 there with two repeats for 18 nappies in total.

Along with the nappies I made her some lay in boosters, cloth wipes and a few wraps. Here they are all stacked up ready to pack and post, I think she's pretty much set now as she bought a few bits and bobs herself. I am so looking forward to big bottomed baby snuggles when he arrives!


Hmm, I should have a photo of a blue tshirt for Hubby to show you but it seems to have been deleted....perhaps he wasn't too impressed with the thought of being plastered all over the web ;P I will get another pic of it flat when it's out of the wash, it's from Jalie 2918 and fits him really nicely. Instead of that you will have to look at me in a green dress ( and I use that term loosely! Tent would be more apt) from Ottobre Woman 05/09.

Otto 05/09 #9

Excuse the wet spots, Monkey spilled milk on me at lunch. I am going to give this pattern one more try as it is cute, especially with boots on, but I will make it a size smaller and will remember to make my usual round back adjustment. If I had remembered to do it with this version I would simply take it in as the side seams and it would be wearable but as it is the shoulder seams are sitting back about 1" from where they should be and the neckline is pulled off as a result. Must remember alterations!!!!! Never mind, it's the perfect colour for a school jumper for Princess so it will be cut up and remade. Hope hers fits better than mine :D

And that's it, my Stash Game efforts for this round. I'm off to total up my points and post my pics over at SewingMamas :)


  1. Charlene, can you send me your addie? I have a subscription to Knippie which is a bit like Ottobre but in Dutch, but my two have really outgrown the sizes, besides i rarely get to do any sewing anymore. Figured you might enjoy them better!

  2. oh my goodness! you have been a busy, busy girl. everything looks fantastic. i have made that Ottobre dress. it is meant to be fairly close fitting in the bodice and not much ease in the hip.