Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy birthday Toddler!

Toddler turned two this month and I realised that she still didn't have her own snuggle quilt for movie time. Of course I realised this the day before her birthday didn't I? Not having much time I had to keep the design simple and just went for 6" squares in a stepping stone pattern. The fabrics are all by Amy Schimler for Kaufman (I *love* Amy's designs, I would have a bolt of everything she's ever brought out if I had the cash!) and the backing is a rosebud swirl Minky that has been laying around for a couple of years. It's roughly 36" x 48", great size for Toddler to snuggle under when we all watch a film on a Saturday evening. Boy is particularly pleased about this as she would always pinch his before getting her own :D

Happy birthday Isabelle :)

Quilt back

You would not believe just how much fluff came off of that Minky fabric as soon as the scissors came within an inch of it. I was covered, the table was covered, the floor was covered and my poor ironing board is *still* covered, I'll have to take the cover off of it and wash it a few times to get it all off I think. Have a look!

fluff all over me...

fluff all over the table...

fluff all over the floor....

I have one more of these quilts to make, for Niece E. I am very tempted to find something else to back it with!

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