Sunday, 6 November 2011

Autumn dress for Toddler

What do you do when you really don't like the fabrics your child has chosen for a new dress? Embellish the life out of them and try to cover them up!

04/06 #10 - Front

04/06 #10 - Back

I am completely in love with this dress now that it is finished, it took hours to stitch out all of the embroideries and while it didn't take long to hand sew the buttons and roses I really, really hate hand sewing and was very glad when it was done. The pattern is Ottobre Autumn 2006 #10, Toddler chose the fabrics from my stash and approved my other additions :) The fairies are from Emblibrary and stitched out very well.

04/06 #10 - fairy  04/06 #10 - fairy  04/06 #10 - fairy  04/06 #10 - fairy  04/06 #10 - fairy  04/06 #10 - fairy

I digitised the text on the bodice using my embroidery machine's software and built-in fonts and I lined the front and back bodices instead of using facings.

04/06 #10 - Text

The overskirt and sleeves are hemmed using a decorative stitch that looks like little flowers and the underskirt has orange flowered ricrac, satin bows and heart shaped buttons.

04/06 #10 - hem

And of course you need some modelling shots :)

Ottobre 04/06 #10 modelled

Ottobre 04/06 #10 modelled

Ottobre 04/06 #10 modelled

Ottobre 04/06 #10 modelled

The best thing about this dress is how much Toddler loves it, she asks for it in the morning when she's getting dressed and hugs it when I give it to her :) It makes it worth the 7+ hours it took to finish!!


  1. You're right - when they love what you make them it makes it all worth it! Lovely dress - I've made that dress several times, but only for use as costumes, not as a normal dress. I like the 3/4 length sleeves.

    btw--I plan to do a giveaway of the Jalie parka pattern in the next day or two.

  2. Wow, that is adorable! I love the fairies. That is one of my fave Otto patterns.

  3. Great way to make the fabric work for both of you! I love all the embellishments/'ve made a lovely dress.