Saturday, 5 November 2011

Jalie 2449 wrap top

Another cold weather top for me and yet another pattern I've had for ages without sewing up. The fit is OK, I had to add a 3" contrast band at the hemline to get it to the length I like (i.e. actually covering my tummy!) but I quite like the way that looks and will do that again if I make another one instead of lengthening the pattern. One thing I really don't like is that after cutting out two full length front pieces the instructions tell you to cut off the left front just below the waist. It reduces bulk at the front I suppose and makes the top a little cooler to war but good grief it is annoying! It makes it awkward to put the top on in the first place and I have to fiddle with it every ten minutes to stop it riding up and looking awful. This one is for the charity shop and the next one will have two full length front pieces both sewn into the hem band.

Jalie 2449

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