Saturday, 5 November 2011

Polka dots and ribbons

Toddler needed a quick pair of trousers following a growth spurt, Ottobre Spring 2010 to the rescue! Pattern #2 minus the pockets and hem frills sews up very quickly and the red polka dots go really nicely with her Muksis tunic.

Ottobre 01/10 #13

And a new Ebay store for my favourites list, vivimagasin sells some of the cutest ribbons I have seen. I bought a few for the girls, delivery was free and took around ten days to arrive in the UK from Hong Kong. The girls love them, it's just as well I got three colours of Hello Kitty or there would have been some fights!

Pretty ribbons


  1. Adorable pants! I really liked the cut of that pattern when I made them last year. It's time for me to trace off a larger size I think.:)

  2. love that hello kitty ribbon. :)