Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Farbenmix Kim and trying something new

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To the sew'n'show. Princess has had a growth spurt recently and is in need of trousers. As it's winter I wanted to make her something a little heavier and warmer than I usually would which meant trying out some non-knit and non-elastic waist patterns. After the immediate panic at the thought of tackling a fly zipper I calmed down and traced the Farbenmix Kim pattern, cut up some long stashed embroidered denim and started sewing. On paper I really, really like the Kim because of the hem panels. The front has a lovely shaped piece with elastic gathering and the back gives you the option to put in two to three rows of ruffles, there are some gorgeous examples in the Farbenmix flickr pool. In practice however it was a complete disaster. I had them completed except for the zipper and waistband and I decided to try them on Princess to check the length, my poor girl couldn't even pull them up past her hips. This is apparently one very, very slim fitting pattern for really skinny kids with no hips and no bum. They were salvageable though, I made them into an elastic waist and took two inches off of the legs and now Monkey has a new pair of trousers instead.

Here they are, the snazzy gold top stitching is Jean Stitch thread in, I think, the Jean Gold colour.

Farbenmix Kim, front view

Farbenmix Kim, back view

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