Thursday, 17 November 2011

Farbenmix Roxy - Hello Kitty

A winter dress for Princess this time though it has finished up as more of a tunic! I've had the Farbenmix Roxy pattern sitting unopened for ages and never realised that it had a long sleeve option until it was recommended to me in a thread on SewingMamas. I had been looking for a new pattern to use for Princess as she asked for something different from my usual go-to patterns so this was perfect. Princess chose everything about this from the fabric to the very bright yellow dye to the applique and ribbon placement. She was very precise about which ribbon went where and how Hello Kitty had to be dressed, I had to unpick and move a row of ribbon before she was satisfied :) I think the end result is very cute and a very good fit but as she's right at the upper end of the size I made it's a little short to be called a dress. I will have to make her some leggings to wear with it, what goes with bright yellow??

The applique is from a colouring page and the Hello Kitty ribbons are from Ebay.

Farbenmix Roxy, front view

Farbenmix Roxy, back view

Hello Kitty!! Farbenmix Roxy

Farbenmix Roxy